Mascara & Growth Enhancement

Mascara & Growth Enhancement

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This is a double action mascara. It leaves your eyelash not only thick & curly, it even have growth nourishment benefits. The pea peptide essence added speeds up the growth of eyelashes.  
The multiple effects mascara will make your lash looking increasingly longer and save you the trouble of fiber grafting, having beautiful and thick lashes throughout the day with its smudge-proof  function!
The natural pea peptide activate hair follicles and the activity of stem cells have enzyme offering protein nutrition to eyelashes.
The mascara is designed with an “Olive Shaped” brush head which fits Asian eyes.
It will grab and curl  each and every eyelash  seamlessly with its super dense bristles without caking.
One bottle 6g
  • Direction to use

    Step 1: Curl your eyelash

    Step 2: Brush the eyelash apart from the based of the eyelash and sweep from bottom to up, like drawing the letter "Z" to brush the eyelash apart

    Step 3: For the short and thin lashes around the eyes corner which are difficult to be brushed, hold the brush head upright to apply.


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Here's what others have to say about our products.



"Have never purchased any eye serum that is so affordable, easy to use (comes with an applicator) and amazing!! Have been using this product for close to a year and a lot of my friends complimented my lashes! Some even thought it is extensions!"



Edwina Ng

"Been using only a bottle GEMSHO eyelash serum, and my eyelash grew so much. Totally recommend it to those with short lashes!"


Zoe Teo

"Super happy with the purchase! Tried a few lash serum but non worked as well! I only used it once every night and I can see my longer lashes after 3weeks. Careful not to over apply though as it stings the eyes, other then that, all’s good!"



"I used to do eyelash extensions for a year and it really took a toll on my own lashes. So @Gateriesboutique send me their eyelash serum to try and at first I was very skeptical but WOW. It really works! I am very happy with my lashes now! It's the longest and fullest it has ever been!"



Love how it really make my lashes grow! I am quite forgetful and didn’t apply it as much as I shd, but I think it still works well for me! Lashes definitely was longer than previous too :) I was quite skeptical at first but hehe I think pictures won’t lie! P.S. some mascara on lashes only! ☺️


Jasmine Koh

"Had tried a number of eyelash serums. The most affordable one would definitely be Gemsho from Gateries. My lashes got thicker and the length later on. Results are definitely there and extremely well priced. Yours really got results and good results. To be honest. Cause some brands only grow longer but it's not thick. Yours for my case it becomes thicker first then longer."


See Shir Li

"I have been using GEMSHO eyelash & eyebrow serum for 2 weeks. Besides the lovely packaging and the elegant curvy shape of the tube, I love the smell and that it is made of natural ingredients.

As I am a regular user of eyelash and eyebrow serum to lengthen and maintain my lashes and brows, I like GEMSHO 2 in 1 eyelash and eyebrow serum as it is equally effective and yet I do not need to buy 2 separate pdts which will be more costly and also space saving 🤗

Highly recommend GEMSHO for those looking to buy eyelash or eyebrow serum👍🏻"


Tammie Chew

"Been using @Gateriesboutique Eyelash and Eyebrow Multi-active serum for a month or so, I've noticed my eyelashes don't fall so easily when removing eye makeup, and they're fuller and longer now."


Joanna Soh

"Not Bad! Can see that my eyelashes got fuller and longer."